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(Molecular bonding process of plant matter to polymers as seen under an electron microscope)

About Best Practices Packaging

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Our team is comprised of forward thinkers, working together and leveraging the best practices available.  We are committed to promoting products and packaging that has a positive impact on both our customers and our environment.  

We are proud that our partners include the top natural products suppliers on the planet, and some of the largest packaging companies in the USA.  Our strategic alliances continue to provide our customers unquestionable quality.  

When it comes to ecological packaging alternatives and nutritional hemp related products, we are your one stop source.

Worldwide, plastic compounders processes about 300 million tons of raw, fossil-fuel based resin every year. Of this total, the US alone produces roughly a third at 106 million tons.  To supply steadily growing demand in 2017, the worlds polymer manufacturers made over two billion additional pounds of raw resin over last year's total.  Compounders are on track for an even bigger increase next year. 

You can find fossil fuel based polymers in myriad forms all over our planet.  Not only in our groceries and landfills, but plastic is found in vast floating oceanic gyres, in piles scattered throughout our National parks, and wasted tons are simply discarded on our streets.  Plastic waste has become a huge part of our daily human existance.   Unfortunately the make up of most virgin plastic is not renewable, and regardless of efforts to improve efficiency, only 3% of the plastic market today is in recycled materials.

There's more than one way to make plastic.  One proven method is to use consistent biomass vegetable material in place of fossil fuel additives.  This solution is called: "Bio-Plastic"

Our core business for nearly 15 years has been in the flexible packaging industry, and we go through football fields worth of plastic film.  From our perspective, renewable bioplastic isn't only a smart option, some of our clients are being regulated by governmental agencies not to use fossil fuel based plastic bags, etc., leaving few other options.  

To satisfy growing demand, we have been looking for a commercial and renewable alternative to petroleum based plastic for years, with the hopes we would find a source both affordable and available.  While Our customers surely demand a renewable alternative in plastic,  where was the supply?  Everything we had found available was at a lead time of months, and sold at a price so high, it put the end product out of the market.

That was then, this is now...  

Since we couldnt find a viable solution, we decided to leverage the strength of our partnership and create our own bioplastic.

Welcome to the new world of Best Practices Hemp Bioplastic.

Today, we are working with some of the largest hemp producers in the world.  We have assembled the production companies and converters required to stage the full scale production of renewable, hemp bioplastic.  

In conjunction with our partners, we are changing the way people think about renewable materials.  

Today, for the first time, commercial bioplastic is available at a competitive price, and with specifications that allow nearly any industry to choose renewable, recycleable bioplastic over a fossil fuel alternative.   We hemp laminates in our packaging, we injection mold it into our containers and we sell the raw plastic pellets to those who make products from renewable materials!  

If you are a bulk user, concerned about supply, our annual production goal is measured in millions of lbs.

The single largest market segment for plastic use worldwide is in packaging, and our specialization includes flexible containers in a range of sizes and materials.  

Best Practices Packaging is your one stop Wholesale supplier for green packaging, products and plastics. Contact us directly for rates and drop ship fees worldwide.  

All of our wholesale product prices are volume based.  Just let us know what you need, provide your zip code and we can take care of everything from there.  Your bid may arrive immediately, but certainly within 24 hrs, and your product can be in your hands via Fedex ground in as little as 3 business days.  

Your shipper is also welcome on our loading dock in Sarasota, Florida should you care to handle your own freight.  Contact us today and let us find the right shipping for you.  

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